The five success points to consider for online marketing planning are credibility, usability, visibility, sell-ability
and scalability.

  • Credibility: refers to the impression we make online. Credibility is exuded on our sites, blogs, through our content, videos, PR,social media, or reviews.We never have a second chance to make a great first impression.
    Building trust is an online marketing must.
  • Usability: is how well people can use your online marketing. Marketing work needs to be user-friendly.
    This comes from appropriate and professional design, site architecture, clear
    navigation, call to actions, e-mails, content, and even social media.
  • Visibility: is critical as we build our online marketing plans. We can offer the best products and services, but if nobody knows about them, what’s the point?Visibility can come from a number of marketing channels, including
    advertising,natural search, social media marketing, online PR, or e-mail.You want to have a healthy mix of visibility options planned into your marketing
    mix.Having that idea of what visibility channels will be used is critical to
    think about as you plan.These visibility options may require space on your Web pages, may be
    integrated into design, require additional budgeting, or take some technological setup.
  • Sell-ability: is a critical online marketing planning piece, as this is how well you show, and tell, and sell the value of your organization, products, and services.
    People need to understand why you or your organization are worth working with.
    This can come through in videos, testimonials, press releases, taglines, and photos.Thinking about sell-ability, which means communicating and educating your value
    in the online marketing planning process, will help ensure that your value
    points are woven into site pages, and overall online marketing work.
    When we employ credibility, usability, visibility, and sell-ability, we reap the
    benefits of scalability.
  • Scalability: Online marketing efforts can last a lifetime on the Web, building and compounding overtime. Think of online marketing scalability like a good stock.
    Small investments made consistently over time can grow to support your
    organization’s overall Web presence and marketing.