It’s a fact; the usage of social networking sites is growing every day, so it’s
naturally getting the attention of organizations as a marketing vehicle.
Marketers want to be where the people are.

Social networking works wonders for three main reasons:

one, it’s an easy communication vehicle.

two, the communication community factor that makes networking fast, easy, and global.

three, it’s entertaining.

If you decide to join social networking spaces like Facebook and LinkedIn for
marketing reasons, do remember your netiquette.

This is a place to communicate, collaborate, and enjoy your networking time, not
to be salesy, and push products or services.

You wouldn’t go to a backyard barbecue, and walk up to people you didn’t know, and
start immediately selling your products and services, would you?
Well, we don’t in social networking land either.

If your posts are just a bombastic billboard, people won’t want to hear what you have to say.
Play nice in the social networking playground; be human, converse, collaborate,
connect, and share your content, and your social networking will be well received.

Fun fact: many times Facebook pages come up high in the search engines
adding more visibility.

Social networking is a low cost, and often a no cost way to collaborate with
like-minded people, and accelerate your marketing.

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