The short answer is yes.

Facebook is a great marketing tool, but it’s just not enough. First of all you don’t own it. They can make changes at will and there is nothing you can do about it.  A website is yours.  Sure Facebook is a giant right now, but what if it disappears tomorrow. All of the work that you have taken to build a community will be gone, with no website to back you up. Plus, you are at the mercy of Facebook. You never know what might be considered a violation of their terms of service, which could cause them to remove your page. The odds of this are slim, but is it a chance worth taking?

Not everybody on Facebook uses it to find business   Most people just go on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, sure if they come across your page.They may like it but they won’t search for it and it’s a lot harder to “get found” that way when people are searching for keywords within your business category. A website is much better for getting found.

You should take your business seriously enough to have a professional appearance in some way just to establish A platform where you can tell what you do and show your prospects you are serious about earning their respect. A place for you to write blogs and provide articles and welcome them to your business place.

So, you should have a website and a Facebook page!  Facebook is a great compliment to your website, but should not replace it.  A well designed and easy to navigate website will give you a competitive edge, keep your image professional and help build credibility.  Are you ready to get started?  We can help!
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