Cost-Effective Advertising

Websites offer a low cost advertising solution compared to traditional media. A website optimized to attract traffic from internet searches will be seen by many more people than a print or television advert. Websites are available to be viewed for a much longer period than traditional advertising. Rather than being available for a few weeks during a print or television campaign, websites offer the opportunity to advertise products and services for years.

Analysis of Customer Behavior

Internet analytics enable businesses to log and track everyone who visits their websites. A business can use the information gathered to understand which advertising channels are working most effectively, which web pages visitors view most often, and at which point in the customer journey visitors convert their interest into a purchase. By analyzing and acting on this data, businesses can ensure that they focus their advertising budget on channels that attract the right visitors, those who are most likely to convert to sales rather than casual browsers. They can also identify where they lose visitors and take steps to improve the customer journey to increase their conversion rate.

Round-the-Clock Availability

Operating a website enables a business to be available to new and current customers 24 hours per day. Whether customers are browsing for information, have a question they need answered, or want to place an order, a website allows them access to a business at a time and location that suits them. With the adoption of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, customers’ expectations of round-the-clock access to information and services are increasing.

Customer Feedback

Websites allow customers to interact with companies and provide feedback on their experience. Savvy retailers display customer feedback on their website as they know it can encourage future business. A Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey found that 70% of online consumers trust consumer opinions posted online, second only to recommendations from someone they know.

Niche Markets

The relatively low cost of running a website allows small and medium-sized businesses to cater for niche markets. These lower-volume markets offer low-competition, high-margin opportunities which can be maximized through an online presence.

Business Profile

Doing business online levels the playing field for small and medium-sized companies. On the internet, company size is less important than the quality of the goods offered and the level of customer service provided. An effective internet presence gives customers the assurance they need to trust a company with their business. By offering a well-designed website with eCommerce capability, backed up with a valid SSL certificate, smaller companies can raise their business profile and attract a wider customer base.