Is S.E.O the problem with your web site? Web site viewers can be hit–or–miss, so your site must have certain components  worked out before S.E.O will make a difference.

Let me give you an example from my experience to show you what I mean.
Some time ago, one of my new clients came to me and said, “We need some search engine traffic.”
So I took a look at the client’s web site, and I said, “No I don’t think you do. You need a whole new web site.”

The site looked just awful, and it turned out the client actually had a fair bit of traffic, but he wasn’t getting many calls.

At the time, he just sold products over the phone and when he did get calls, he got a lot of questions. People wanted to know where he got his products and whether or not  they were any good.

I like to say “it’s never going to happen”,’ and it refers to a bad idea or something that simply won’t work out.

When I see web sites like his, I think of the phrase, ‘it’s never going to happen’. It just won’t work out. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get to your site. It’s not going to work out.

“Who built that site,” I asked the client? “Your wife’s nephew, office manager?” “Not quite the office manager,” he told me. “It was  the warehouse manager.”

So I redesigned the site and immediately, to use the client’s words, the phone started ringing off the hook. What’s more, the callers weren’t calling with questions, they were calling with orders. You need to honest with yourself about this issue.

Is your site amateurish looking or just plain ugly? An ugly or amateurish looking site is just not going to work in today’s business world .

Your site represents your business to the world and if it looks like it was built by an amateur, it conveys the impression that your business is run by amateurs.

Just the other day, an acquaintance who is looking for a caterer for her wedding. She told me that she’s looking online, but when she lands on an amateurish-looking web site she just clicks the back button.

She knows the caterer’s food  might still be good, but, “Hey, That’s what I do.”

So here is an experiment, I want you to try. Find a few competitors to your organization and load their sites in different tabs of your web browser, then load yours in another tab, and move from tab to tab viewing each site in turn.
Now ask your self and be honest, would you buy from your site? If the answer is no then we have work to do.  It doesn’t matter how much you optimize your site. If your site doesn’t create a good first impression, it just won’t work.

One other issue one might over look is usability. If your site is confusing, or makes it hard to get things done, again, optimizing the site may not be the most important thing right now. What’s the  point of bringing people to the site to get disappointed and leave.

Before You Try S.E.O
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Before You Try S.E.O
Is S.E.O the problem with your web site? Web site viewers can be hit–or–miss, so your site must have certain components worked out before S.E.O will make a difference.